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I have had a wonderful time from my childhood in the garden digging, planting, making compost, working with expert farmers and gardeners to grow food, flowers and make compost. Compost is all the leaves, parts of plants, food scraps, and many other natural earthy substances that are piled up together and break down over time into healthy living soil that a farmer or gardener need to grow things. The earthworm is an essential part of this process. The pages of this site are dedicated to these unique creatures. The Earthworm Book is where you can learn more and start your own small worm farm. I also have been involved in the Bio-Dynamic Farming methods.

FREE GIFT with PURCHASE of the new 2nd Edition is a full-length CD audio book (inside an attachable sleeve) with the catchy informative lyrics of "The Earthworm Song" that will have you singing along plus even more music to enjoy for nap time or anytime!

My next book is a mixed media illustrated book about protecting the Mojave desert, the Native American ancient cultural resources and the animals. It's called "The Strange Disappearance of Walter Tortoise." The "green" industry looks beautiful on the outside, but there is harm being done that we don't see. We need to teach our children how to be better thinkers and engineers, so they can avoid the mess that we are making and truly be sustainable by working with all lives concerned. I'm in the process of making "Tortoise Valley" the signature song and will make an audio book with the animal character voices.

Commissioned by a company actively helping bees worldwide I created the multimedia illustrated book "Give Bees a Chance" that help children understand how essential this little insect is to our whole system of food production and even our own existence! There is also a song with a video containing film of bees doing their incredible waggle dance. You can find it within the book linked to YouTube and the song by the same name is burning up the music streaming airwaves on Spotify and many other channels where popular music is played.

I'm also preparing for print several other children's books which will be available soon. I have been doing the illustrations as well as the writing, but I'm open to publishers choosing either one of those talents they would care to represent.

I have also been a Professional Musician for over 30 years, have a vast discography and worldwide performing on stage and for TV video and radio. Writing, singing, violin, bass, percussion and acoustic guitar. Since the early 80's the electric violin has been a great outlet for changing people's ideas of what a violin can do as I was one of those pioneering improvisation and dancing. Having been a violin teacher for over ten years, with my own teachers being top professionals, I have written out a supplemental book describing my violin beginner method which helps students have a perfect hand position for good intonation. The Previn Points Technique. It will hopefully be available to the public, not just my students!
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